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Girl Fight is a 2011 film about an average high school girl who tries her hardest to fit in with the popular girls, and what happens as a result. This film is based on true events. A incredibly smart girl named Haley Macklin is an outsider to all the other students around her because she skipped a grade; her intelligence threatens her other classmates and leads them to become jealous of her accomplishments. Haley becomes very annoyed that she doesn't have friends and wants to be popular, and in her frustration, she posts negatively about them on a social network.

To her utter shock, Haley starts a friendship with a girl named Alexa Simons, one of the girls she previously wrote about. After helping Alexa with her schoolwork, Haley becomes more social with the other popular girls and becomes accepted by them. However, there are a few girls she does not befriend, and they are suspicious of her. After being popular, Haley's behavior and attitude towards her family members changes drastically.

Haley's negative comments she previously wrote about the popular girls is soon discovered by the girls and they feel utterly betrayed. They create a plan to physically attack her and then video tape it. Also, they plan to post the images of their attack online. Haley does not know that the girls are plotting against her or that they found her postings, and she goes over to Alexa's house.

When she arrives, the girls are waiting by the door and they taunt Haley with vicious name calling until they beat her unconscious. Haley's entire beating lasted 30 minutes. After she was viciously wounded, Haley wakes up bruised, bloody, confused, and helpless in front of the girls who continue their plot. They drive her to parking lot and leave her, until someone comes to her aid.

The footage is found by Haley's parents when they are shown the beating from Alexa's grandmother, Marylou's USB flash drive. After seeing their daughter beaten, her parents decide to take revenge on the girls and call the police. The girls did not get a high punishment, but they could have if Haley were to testify. She did not however, because she did not want to stoop to their level.

2011 | 1 hr 29 min | 6.4/10
Girl Fight
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