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The television series Battleground is a mock documentary as well as a comedy-drama. This show follows a politician as she is going to a campaign to be elected to the United States Senate. The senator is the fictional character of Deirdre Samuels. At this time she is behind in the polls. She is trying to win the vote in the state of Wisconsin which is considered to be the battleground state. The candidate is a member of the Democratic Party.

The campaign manager is Chris Davis. He leads his team in a battle against other politicians, most of whom are corrupt. The staff also has many disagreements amongst themselves. In addition to working for this politician Christ is also working for a little known third party looking for the Senate seat. The show also features some of the ways in which the team is trying to get the message of their candidate out to the masses. Some of the ways are rather creative. The show stars Jay Hayden and Teri Reeves.

Hulu Originals
1 Season, 13 Episodes
February 14, 2012
Drama, Web Originals
Cast: Jack De Sena, Meighan Gerachis, Alison Haislip, Jay Hayden

Battleground Full Episode Guide

  • It's Election Day and the team hopes that a last-second endorsement from the President will be enough to bring them victory.

  • Cole opens up about his past, while Samuels must deal with the consequences of hers.

  • With the election a week away, the DNC sends in a representative to help the Samuels campaign, who clashes with Tak over its direction.

  • In 2004, the "Reel Life" documentary team features the Makers' campaign and captures the day that Tak steps out of his father's shadow.

  • A break-in at campaign headquarters leaves everyone feeling rattled -- especially George, who makes a confession to Tak.

  • Tak confronts George about financial misdealings while KJ feels Cole's absence as she struggles to write a speech for Samuels. Jordan makes a political commercial.

  • The team discovers that facing Governor Creighton won't be easy as allies and enemies begin to look an awful lot alike

  • The campaign must come up with a plan to fight misinformation being circulated by their opponents. Cole confronts KJ about their relationship.

  • Candidate Samuels struggles with her desire to run a clean campaign after racy details of an opponent's personal life fall into Tak's hands.

  • Tak clashes with his team over a decision he makes when a surprising announcement from the Makers camp changes everything.

  • The Samuels campaign has until the end of the day to raise enough money to continue in the race. Jordan prepares for his stand-up comedy debut.

  • As Samuels climbs in the polls, rumors about her past begin to hurt the campaign.

  • Campaign manager Tak Davis and his team must figure out how to get their rivals to show up to a crucial debate.