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The Doozers is an animated children's television series that first aired in 2013 in Australia. The Doozers involves a cast of lovable three inch tall creatures that were originally created by legendary puppeteer Jim Henson, who is the creator of the Muppets. However, unlike the other creations of Jim Henson, the Doozers is a computer animated series rather than using live action puppets. The series deals with a cast of lovable characters that live in a wonderful village that is completely environmentally friendly, and occasionally the characters have to resolve a small problem that is meant to educate children.

Each episode of The Doozers was created in English and is meant to be eleven minutes long. However, the series has become exceptionally popular in Latin America, and there is now a Spanish dubbed version of it. A German version is also available, and it is a popularly streamed show in Germany. The Doozers is directed by Phillip Stamp, and the voice director is Merle Anne Ridley.

Hulu Originals
4 Seasons, 69 Episodes
March 5, 2014
Animation & Cartoons, Children, Family
Cast: Millie Davis, Trek Buccino, Jacob Ewaniuk, Jenna Warren
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Doozers Full Episode Guide

  • The Pod Squad are ready for a rockin' jam session but everywhere they go to play, they're getting in the way. They finally agree to play outside, but it's sooo windy! Turning their problem into a challenge, the group creates all new instruments that play using wind power.

  • A gust of wind knocks a large branch onto a bridge in Doozer Creek, blocking the path and halting construction of a new wind turbine. The Pod Squad build an innovative new machine that flings radishes across the bridge and gets the project back on track!

  • Something's wrong in Doozer Creek. First Baker Timber Bolt gets a case of the hiccups, and then Doozers all over start hiccuping! The Pod Squad soon discover that a bunch of jumping beans has fallen into Baker Timber Bolt's latest batch of Zesty Radish Cakes. After trying a few silly methods to get rid of the hiccups, the team remembers that a good scare is a surefire way to solve this problem. The Pod Squad work together to build a super fun, (and scary!) Doozercoaster!

  • Daisy Wheel wants to skate with the others, but she doesn't know how. The Pod Squad works together to build her a custom Doo-Step Skating Dress that lets her glide across the ice in no time.

  • In the Desert, the Pod Squad visit their friend Zippa and go for an amazing dune buggy ride! But the ride is so wild that Daisy Wheel loses her hardhat and the Pod Squad is determined to find it amongst the sand dunes.

  • Spike is interrupted in the middle of finishing his new zip line outside the Doozerium when the Pod Squad needs to go help out at the Peach Harvest. When the Peach Picker breaks, the Pod Squad has to invent a new way to get the peaches down.

  • Flex has broken his beloved hardhat and he doesn't want to get a new one, but the old one isn't safe anymore. Visiting a new friend, Doozer Re-User, Flex learns how to re-use his hardhat in a whole new way.

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