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Klown is a Danish television situation comedy, filmed in a pseudo-documentary format, that focuses on the life of a man named Frank and his best friend Casper (played by Danish comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen, respectively), who are constantly getting into trouble with hilarious results.

Each episode involves misunderstandings or situations that Frank and Casper are confronted by and try to work out for themselves, always taking a very wrong approach or making bad assumptions. There is inappropriate nakedness, inappropriate comments, overall debauchery, and a completely blatant disregard for boundaries.

In many situations, the men end up involved in events that are the result of misunderstandings between them and their significant others (played by Mia Lyhne and Iben Hjejle). Sometimes, trouble ensues when the men inadvertently cover for their friends or take liberties during random encounters with strangers they meet at stores or other public places, which, when added to the mix, serves to comically complicate things. Their reactions and courses of action are always very, very wrong and very, very funny.

Hulu Originals
6 Seasons, 60 Episodes
February 7, 2005
Comedy, Drama

Klown Full Episode Guide

  • Frank, Mia, Casper and Iben have gone skiing at New Year's when they bump into Pivert and Bodil.

  • Frank and Mia have moved to the country and they go to a cattle show with Casper.

  • Casper is still struggling with his low spirits and unable to work.

  • Frank and Mia are looking at a house.

  • Frank, Mia, Iben and Casper go on a weekend trip to Dragsholm castle with Lars Hjorthøj and his wife, Tina.

  • Mia has invited Frank to spend the weekend at Skodsborg Hotel.

  • Mia and Frank have moved in with Mia's parents.

  • Mia wants a new chair, but Frank doesn't see any reason in investing in expensive furniture.

  • Mia is appointed Fair Trade dealer.

  • Frank and Mia's life has stagnated, and Casper has buried himself under the cover of depression.

  • Casper and Iben are going to the BAFTA awards, and Iben is bringing all of her LV bags.

  • Frank and Mia are giving each other advent presents at Christmas-time, and Frank gets a pair of skates which become the cause of a major commotion at the skating rink.

  • Frank is turning 40 and this is going to be celebrated in style at Hotel Josty.

  • Frank and Mia are going to China.

  • Casper has been admitted to the Serapia Order and has invited Peter Reichardt along.

  • Casper and Iben are getting married at a depth of eight metres in Thailand.

  • Casper and Frank are working on a manuscript that Bille August is interested in.

  • Mia takes private lessons in Mensendieck with 60-year-old Jønne, and she promises to feed his fish while he's away.

  • Frank and Mia want to adopt a child and have to be approved by the adoption agency.