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Man's Best Friend

Where would we be without our dogs? They bring us companionship, comfort and happiness, and they are often extremely talented in a variety of ways. Working dogs help firefighters perform rescues. They enable blind people to cross the street safely and frequently work on movie sets alongside human actors. They also are taken to nursing homes and hospitals to bring comfort to patients who reside there. Clearly, they enrich our lives in so many ways, and this offers a peek into several dogs' lives and shows how they interact with their owners. It's a dog's life, and they love it.

Hulu Originals
1 Season, 4 Episodes
April 13, 2009
Man's Best Friend

Man's Best Friend Full Episode Guide

  • Gordon plays hooky from work so the gang can enjoy the day at the beach; Freddie spots the Purina Mobile Cafe and attempts to joke his way through many dog food samples, while asking the sample girl out for a date.

  • Gordon invites his new friend Sadie over for a night on the couch with a scary movie. Freddie then gets a strange box delivered in the middle of the night for Gordon's annual Halloween party. Freddie and Eddie put their diabolical plan into action.

  • Eddie wants Freddie to teach him about meeting pretty girls, which of course goes all wrong. Gordon then suggests a trip to the dog park, but when building owner Charlie drops by, Gordon must quickly devise a plan to keep Freddie from being discovered.

  • In the pilot episode Gordon meets Freddie the Dog.