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The Field

The Field was the title for the second episode of the television series entitled "Where The Heart Is". It was a soap opera program that aired on CBS from 1969 until 1973. The program ran for 25 minutes and the last 5 minutes were occupied by a CBS new break segment. The show focused on the psychological and sometimes sexual intricacies of the Hathaway family. It was patterned after the novel Peyton Place and was supposed to rival NBC's "Days of Our Lives". It was set in the fictional town of Northcross, Connecticut. It starred actors such as Rue McClanahan, Keith Charles and Louise Shaffer. Many of the cast members went on to star in ABC's Ryan's Hope.

Hulu Originals
1 Season, 1 Episode
April 1, 2014
Cast: Ralph Ineson, Jo McInnes, Melanie Hill, Lorraine Ashbourne
The Field

The Field Full Episode Guide

  • Sergeant Jeffords has lost control and with a psych evaluation looming on the horizon will he be able to prove that his anger issues won't impact his judgment in the field? Coming only to Hulu this fall.