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Video Game Trailers

Are video games your thing? Are you into video games so much that you live, eat and breathe them in whenever possible? There's a specific term for that sort of behavior, and it's called being a fan boy. If you're a fan boy who just can't get enough info about the hottest, most extreme games that are coming to your favorite gaming console then you should be watching G4 Video game Trailers.

G4 Video game Trailers is the show that brings you the best and most up to the minute trailers about the video games that you know you want to play. So what exactly are you doing when you watch this show? Well on G4 Video game Trailers, you have your choice of watching more than 20 of the channels most popular game trailers of the day.

But that's not all there is to this exciting show, because you can also pick and choose from many different behind the scenes videos. Videos such as the making of the latest Tomb Raider game as well as Soul Caliber 5 and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West are there for your viewing pleasure.

There is another feature that makes G4 the place to get information about your favorite video games and those are the promo videos. The promo videos take you behind the scenes of games that are in development, as well as games that are already out there ready for you to buy and play.

Of course the promo featuring Danica Patrick teaching you how to play Blur should be reason enough to come to G4 and watch your favorite game trailer, as well as watching Danica of course. Did we forget to mention that you can also go social on G4 Video game trailers? On G4 you have the opportunity to share your favorite game trailers with your friends across multiple social media channels.

You have two ways to share with friends, either by posting a tweet on Twitter or you can like it on Facebook and let all of your friends who are into video games what you think about that outrageous video that you just viewed. So G4 Video game Trailers has everything that you could want in a site about video games. It's got the trailers that you're dying to see, it's got demos, and it lets you share what you like the most with your friends through Twitter and Facebook.

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August 8, 2018
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Video Game Trailers